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My facility is at Piano Faracchio, 3 in the Palinuro hamlet of the Municipality of Centola (Sa).

It is in a position of about 200 meters. above sea level, therefore in a panoramic position and, as a rule, cool as it is ventilated.

Ventilation is determined by the geographically central position in a peninsular promontory (Capo Palinuro).

In fact, my structure is not far from the Palinuro lighthouse, an essential reference for navigation.

Despite this, the structure is about 900 meters away. from the main square of the town of Palinuro (Piazza Virgilio).

Piazza Virgilio can be reached in less than a minute by car and in about ten minutes on foot (the return on foot costs a few minutes more as it is uphill, not impossible).

Palinuro has a vast territory both in its southern and northern extension with about 10 km. of beaches both north and south, therefore a car is recommended even if, as a rule, in the summer months (from June to September) the Municipality activates a bus service.

Palinuro holiday home

Faracchio Plan, 3

Centola, SA  84051

Tel: +39 081 5464305
Cell: +39 347 7812582
Tel: +39 0974 931953

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