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Who we are

Our history

The Cozzolino family buys the property in 1975.

After several decades of exclusively private use, since 2010 a portion of the property has been used as a seasonal holiday home (from 01/05 to 31/10).

The “Ro. & Self." it is a structure duly authorized by the municipal authority (Municipality of Centola).

The property costs 4 units, one of which (on the ground floor of the largest building) is for the exclusive use of the Cozzolino family.

In the largest body of the building, on the first floor, there are two units called LUNA and SOLE intended for seasonal accommodation.

The first floor is accessed by a large and comfortable staircase from the garden (completely fenced), part of which is intended for the guests of the LUNA and SOLE apartments who can make use of outdoor showers, gazebos and deck chairs.

The two lodgings have an exclusive entrance distinct from that of the other lodgings in the structure.

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